Open Your Homes. Open Your Hearts. Become a Foster Parent.

Happy Tales Humane relies on the dedicated network of foster homes to house and take care of all the dogs in the Happy Tales system. While fostering requires time and patience, the rewards are immeasurable. Watching your foster dog blossom in your care and eventually go to their forever home is truly an amazing experience. As a foster parent, we ask you to provide space, exercise, socialization, basic training, and love. We will provide food, a crate, collar / harness, leash and toys. During kitten season in the Spring, we are in need of foster parents who can be responsible for one or more kittens. There are also times we need kitten fosters for un-weened litters. If you are intersted in being a foster parent, please stop by the shelter for more information and an application.

Feline Furlough For adult cats that have special needs or for those that have been with us for a year or longer, we offer a feline furlough. This is a 30-day trial period where the cat has a chance to get out of the shelter and into a home environment. During the furlough period, we provide necessary supplies such as food or a litter box. If an individual decides they would like to adopt the cat, they may do so at any time during the furlough period. Please call or stop by the facility for more information about the feline furlough program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required of foster parents?

Foster parents are asked to provide space, exercise, socialization, basic training and lots of love. Puppies may have to be brought to the shelter during the week for necessary vaccinations. Foster parents are not required to be at the facility during an adoption appointment.  

How long do dogs typically stay in foster homes?

Dogs/puppies stay in foster care until they are adopted.  This typically ranges anywhere from one week to six months.

Do you have a foster program for cats and kittens?

During kitten season in the Spring, we rely on foster families who will foster anywhere from one kitten to a litter of kittens.  We also need experienced kitten fosters who are willing to care for unweened litters.  Please see the Feline Furlough program (above) for information regarding adult cats.

Who pays for the animal's care when they are in a foster home?

Happy Tales will provide food, supplies and any required medication at no charge.  If a foster parent wishes to provide food or other necessary supplies for their foster animal, these donations are 100% tax deductible.

Those interested in fostering may request a foster application at:



Sunday / Monday - Closed

Tuesday - Friday         10~4

Saturday -                    10~2


Because our dogs are sometimes in foster homes,  We do ALL dog adoptions by appointment ONLY.